War for the Planet of the Apes versus Spider-man Homecoming

Despite a Post-week release to one of Marvel’s memorable comic adaptation “Spider-man”, War for the Planet of the Apes has crossed “homecoming” box office weekend collection. This is already more than OK when an ape franchise is standing head to head with Marvel. The critics and reviews are also terming it as “box-battle of two fine modern sequels”.


Dave Matt’s direction contains an enthralling plot, burning rage to avenge and ultimate survival skills of intelligent apes over the humans in a war. The eye-popping collection of $56.5M in its first weekend is both impressive (if not startling) and full of hopes comparing to the under par cashing of “Spider-Man Homecoming”, ending its 2nd weekend at a relative meagre value of $45.2M. But, both have different demographic audiences. While, first two editions of Planet of the apes excelled in foreign markets ( and so the 3rd shall), Spiderman is an eternal saga mostly loved at domestic theaters.

War for the Planet of the Apes


Marvel is a giant that currently has a lot of projects running and the ultimate target of Avengers: Infinity War, would create a fastening effect for their upcoming movies. I personally felt that pressure on Spider-man Homecoming. The neighbor-hood superhero (Tom Holland) accompanied by the very best in business (Robert Downey Jr.) were the only few best elements of the movie. Marvel is enroute to introduce still new superheroes and if rumors are true, dates for Captain Marvel will be released soon. That’s where the intelligent ape creators are gaining, focusing on one at a time and bringing the bold, ruthless yet poignant action on screen (An A-Rated movie).

Ultimately it also boils down to comparing lead performances and that’s where Andy Serkis (Leading Ape – Caeser) has definitely sweated more than the new 21-year-old Spiderman, who also earned his own share of accolades and applauses. But the experience surpassed, especially when weighing them in terms of characteristic role play. Let me remind you, Andy Serkis is also playing the Villain in Marvel’s Black Panther.



Will the Marvel saga revise its course of releases to avoid such stiff competition in future? We will see. But right now both movies are head to head with the overall collection, and when there is such healthy competition, you always know who wins: The Moviegoer. Enjoy Hollywood Movies with your family and friends at just single click.

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