Top Best Hollywood Romantic Adult Movies

Top Best Hollywood Romantic Adult Movies Online Watch

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Forrest Gump:
By having a child’s IQ, Forrest Gump has always been considered the “dumb” class. Under her mother’s skirts she feels protected and along with her friend Jenny is happy, although in her own world. A problem in your spine does not prevent you from becoming a nimble runner. Already older, Forrest will fight in the Vietnam War and meet the very president of the United States. He will become very rich, but for Forrest there is something that does not change: the love of his life is and will be Jenny.

Forrest Gump

Edward Scissorhands:
In this film, an old lady tells her granddaughter the story of Edward Scissorhands (Johnny Depp, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, ‘Alice in Wonderland’) over Christmas night.

Eduardo is a boy created by an inventor who died before finishing his work, so he has blades instead of fingers. Isolated from the world for years and with a somewhat sinister aspect, the young man discovers true love when a woman welcomes him in his house.

After a series of unfortunate events, the neighbors will consider that Eduardo is a threat to the community, so he will be forced to give up his new life.

Edward Scissorhands:

Beauty and the Beast:
Bella is a beautiful and lonely young woman who is forced to confine herself to the castle of Beast, a monster who has kidnapped and imprisoned his father after he invaded his domains seeking refuge on a stormy night. Actually, Beast is a man under the effects of an ancestral curse that keeps him locked in the body of a monster. If you want to end the effects of that sentence you must conquer the heart of a woman before the last petal of a magic rose that is kept in a display case.

Beauty and the Beast

The Fault In Our Stars:
The adaptation of John Green’s novel, “The Fault In Our Stars” is a mixture of humor and tragedy in which the love and dreams of adolescence are intertwined.

Hazel and Gus are two teenagers whose lives are far from normal. Both cancer patients, life has given them a hard way to go but that they try to take the best form they know: with wit and positive energy. After meeting in a support group, and under circumstances that would have frightened anybody, they decide to take courage and not to mourn for the destiny that has had to live them. With the intention of not leaving any experience to live, they decide to fulfill between the two the greater desire of Hazel, to know its favorite writer. In a tender and comical trip, they will cross half the world in which it will be the adventure of their life to arrive until Amsterdam before the time runs out to them. The strange and peculiar writer will help you in your attempt to answer the questions that will give peace to your soul and meaning to your life.

The Fault In Our Stars

Pride & Prejudice:
Late eighteenth century in England. In a family of five daughters, the mother has taught them that the only purpose they have to have in life is to find a husband. When a rich bachelor moves to a neighboring mansion, the Bennet revolutionize: their parties will be a great opportunity to meet suitors.

Elizabeth, the daughter with more character, will enter into a love-hate conflict with Mr. Darcy.

Pride & Prejudice


Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio, ‘The Great Gatsby’), a humble young artist, and Rose (Kate Winslet, ‘A Wild God’), a wealthy girl, will meet on board the Titanic, the most spectacular boat ever has crossed the seven seas.

Jack has won the ticket on a timba, and his rooms on the boat are not exactly comfortable. For her part, Rose is not happy with her luck, because she is engaged to a man she does not love, Caledon (Billy Zane), who treats her as if it were another of her possessions, forgetting that she is a being human.

The young woman will see in Jack a romantic heartthrob made to measure, but her love is impossible because of the social barriers that separate them. When the two are determined to fight for their feelings, the ship crashes into an iceberg, madness breaks out and a generalized struggle for survival begins.


The Notebook
Allie Hamilton (Rachel McAdams, Everyday of My Life ) a girl who comes from wealthy family, cares very little that the boy he meets in Seabrook, during the summer vacation, earns his living humbly as an employee of a wood factory. The love he feels for him from the first moment of knowing goes beyond the economic and social prejudices that so often take the dream away from his class. Best of all, Noa (Ryan Gosling, The Ides of March ), who calls himself the chosen kid, feels the same attraction and love for her.

Nevertheless, and despite the purity of their feelings, the relationship between Noah and Allie seems destined to fail. First it will be the parents of the girl who strongly oppose this engagement and take the decision to take Allie out of town; later it will be a warlike conflict that keeps the couple separated and, finally, both will have to face the terrible disease of forgetfulness so that history does not disappear from its memory.

The Notebook

Me Before You :

Lou Clark (Emilia Clarke) is an enthusiastic, naive and cheerful twenty-something who has never left her village, and who must urgently seek a job to support her family. On his way, he crosses Will Traynor (Sam Claflin), a successful businessman who also grew up in this same town, who has returned after an accident car accident that left him disabled in a wheelchair. Due to his condition, this former adventurer has fallen into a deep bitterness, reason why more and more is determined to commit suicide.

Lou’s job is to take care of Will. It will be then that Lou’s determination, sweetness and optimism will make Will understand that life is worth living. Enjoy more latest Hollywood Movies at just single hit.

Me Before You


Top Best Hollywood Romantic Adult Movies Online Watch

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