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  1. Al Pacino (25 April 1940, New York City)

Finest and greatest of all times, with a nimble smile. The American-italian is the number 4 on Empire Magazine for being the biggest actors of all times. Having won a number of accolades including Academy awards, Al Pacino was all love for theater. His director’s stubborn decision to assign him the supporting role in Godfather brought the epic fame to him. His second innings of Hollywood gave us movies like Scarface and Scent of a woman.

Al Pacino

2. Robert De Niro (17 August 1943)

Another Legend with some of Italian roots, Robert de niro got Academy award for best supporting actor for his rendition of Cloreone in Godfather: II. His image defining acting in Taxi driver and Cape fear stacked dozen of movies for him. He finally licked Academy gold as Best Actor for his hellish portrayal of Jake LaMotta in Raging Bull. A Producer and a director by choice, he even worked with Al pacino in three different movies ( Heat, Godfather:II, Righteous Kill)

Robert De Niro

3. Johnny Depp (9 June 1963)

The Capricious and Versatile Johnny Depp was a salesman, when his first role striked to him in A nightmare on Elm Street. Loves to live on his own, Depp got stardom by portraying Tommy Henson in the Crime, mystery series 21 jump street. From a Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland to Jack Sparrow (Pirates of Carribean), it’s amazing how a single real life character can produce such dark, poised and cunning roles. His early days with Tim Burton in Edwood, Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy hollow and Black mass took him to the crest, he is embracing right now.

Johnny Depp

4. Tom Hanks (9 July 1956)

The Academy award winner’s rendition to the original demean-ours he played were like the oceans, he submerged in. Coming into limelight with “Saving Private Ryan” and “Forest gump”, we have been blessed by his acting during the last 2 decades with drenching movies like The Terminal, Captain Phillips, Bridge of Spies and Sully.

Tom Hanks

5. Robert Downey Jr. (4 April 1965)

People say his own obsession born from behind the bars and a past of drugs makes him what he is. Yet, i think it otherwise. From Chaplin(1992) as Charles Spencer to Sherlock(2011), he never let his acting weighed over by his turmoil of personal life. He is and was always the Iron man as he looks in the Marvel Saga. A true warrior of life on and off the screen.

Robert Downey Jr.


6. Tom Cruise (3 July 1962)

The Cruise as I call him, has never settled for rom-coms and instead took life-taking risks in pulling off countless stunts in MI series, Jack Reacher, Minority Report and many more. His choice for a sports agent in Jerry Maguire was felt by every normal straggler. He is one of the few, who never tasted Academy accolade, but don’t need it either. After Top gun(1986), He never looked back and gave more than he could to the action lovers.

Tom Cruise

7. Sylvester Stallone (6 July 1946)

    The Manly, heavy pounded voice of Sylvester has mesmerized us with the true notion of

“Made for Hollywood”. Sylvester has decorated three epic franchises with his art and direction namely Rocky, Rambo and The Expendables. Yet another legend with no Oscar feather, he is highly regarded as the Poise in the Storm.

Sylvester Stallone

8. Leonardo Di Caprio

Di Caprio’s wait to deliver a speech at Academy awards may have become too long, but it did mattered. After Titanic, Leonardo hit major roles in movies like The Shutter island, The Departed, Django Unchained, Inception and the list goes on. All of his movies earned critics applause, but were only nominated for the silverware. Finally, his rave act in The Revenant pushed the jury to label his masterclass with the Best Actor award.

Leonardo Di Caprio

9. Benedict Cumberbatch (19 July 1976)

A relatively young choice for this list and my personal favorite to be honest, The modern Sherlock has been a key figure in sculpturing mind-drenching roles. His films such as The Imitation Game, The Hobbit (Dragon, Smaug), 12 years a slave, Black Mass, War Horse already shown us his theatrical skills and presence. His recent entry to marvel franchise as Doctor strange tells a lot about his eccentrically enigma to play a superhero.

Benedict Cumberbatch

10. Morgan Freeman (1 june 1937)

The Shawshank star is not new to this list and is there since 1970s. An actor, producer and director by profession, we sometimes don’t even realize, he is there in the movie to raise the bar. His notable work includes Million Dollar baby for which he deservingly got an academy award for best supporting actor. Other mind boggling movies of his are The Dark Knight, Now you see me, The Shawshank Redemption, Wanted, RED, Lucy and the list will live long beyond his age.

Morgan Freeman


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